Hours of Operations: Mon-Fri 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Sat 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Sun 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Sunday hours are for Boarding & Pickup Only / No Grooming
2405 Springfield Rd, Bloomington, IL 61701

Grooming Salon & Day Spa in Bloomington, IL


Professional Salon Services

Have your pet groomed by our highly skilled and qualified pet stylists. They will style your pet to the breed specifications, or create a personalized look to your requirements. The professional pet stylists at Canine Classic Spa & Resort understand that grooming can be stressful for some pets. They take the time and care that is needed to make your pet feel comfortable. Aromatherapy is used in our salon in the form of lavender spray in the air and on the towels to help them relax. And flower essences are sometimes used for further stress reduction. Puppies, senior pets and pet's with other issues are given special attention.

We used natural, safe products in our salon. Most of our shampoos are free of dyes and colognes, using oatmeal, aloe, jojoba oil, tea tree oil and citrus for a beautiful, fresh, healthy clean.
Cat Having a Hair Cut — Pet Spa & Resort in Bloomington, IL
Dog Being Dried — Pet Spa & Resort in Bloomington, IL
The price of grooming varies per breed, size of pet, condition of coat, attitude of pet, frequency of visits, and intricacy of style. A full groom includes bath, drying, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed and hair styling if needed. Partial grooms are also available for pets just needing a touch up between full hair styling.

For pet's needing a more frequent grooming or partial groom to keep their good looks fresh, discounted programs are available. Go ahead and make them a weekly or bi-weekly appointment for brushouts or partial grooms and we will provide a discounted plan to help your budget. We also offer a senior citizen's 10% discount.

Call us for information or to make an appointment. Our stylists take appointments Monday - Friday. Salon hours are 6:30 am - 6:00pm. Pets are welcome to stay all day even though we do work by appointment. They will be given water and potty breaks as needed. However they can also enjoy a half day of daycare, a stuffed kong or possibly a frosty paws treat while in the our salon.

Walk - in Services Available

No appointment necessary for these services.
Nail trims $17.00
Face/eye trims $20.00
Chewing Gum removal $15.00+
Ears cleaned $15.00
Feet/pad trims $20.00
Nail Caps $10.00 +
Anal glands expressed $15.00
Teethbrushing $12.00

Furminator Treatments

Love Your Pet, Hate the Shedding?
Furminator Shedless Treatments are available to help
remove up to 80% of your pet's loose hair.
Great for all breeds of dogs & cats!
Veterinarian Recommended!

Day Spa Service and Specialty Grooming Treatments

Dog — Pet Spa & Resort in Bloomington, IL
We offer a full selection of speciality treatments for your pet.
Deep Conditioning Treatments $12.00
Wonderful for dry, itchy skin

Hot Oil Treatments $12.00
Great for dry itchy skin and oily coats
Naturally medicated Tea Tree Oil Baths with conditioning $12.00
Natural antiseptic and fugicide. Great for hot spots.

Pawdicure Bubble Bath $12.00
includes tea tree oil foot soak, pads & nails trimmed, nails filed and painted
(if requested)
Blueberry Facial $12.00
Helps remove facial stains

Dead Sea Mud Bath $25 - $50 full body, $10.00 Spot or Paw Treatment
These baths are famous for their therapeutic effects and healing properties.

Unlimited Baths & Brush outs - $39.95 or $59.95 - Heavy coated dogs 75# +

These bath packages are good for 30 days and include a bath and light blow drying. Great idea for daycare dogs and also dogs that need a bit of extra help keeping their look tip-top.

Hair Coloring, Design & Feathers

Want your pet to be a show stopper? How about coloring the ears, tail or all over? We can do that. And yes it is safe.

Prices can be quoted by our stylists depending on breed, what we are coloring , and type of coloring ( semi-permanent or temporary)

Want just a little bit of color and design? How about a stencil. That's a small design trimmed into the coat and colored. Possible designs could include: heart, shamrock, star, Christmas holly, pawprint, and more.
Pink haired dog — Pet Spa & Resort in Bloomington, IL
Stencils $10.00
Feather Extensions $5.00

Nail Gems $1.00 each
Ear Gems $1.00 each
Nail Caps $10.00

Day Spa Treatments

Whirlpool Therapy
Twenty minutes in our whirlpool tub helps dogs with arthritis feel fantastic. Relaxing the muscles and releaving stress. It is also great for exfoliating skin when a pet is suffering from skin irritations. Gently removing dead skin cells while soothing the skin. Dogs recovering from certain orthopeditic surgeries can get relief as it relaxes tight muscles and increases mobility.

$25.00 (+ possible drying fee depending on type of coat)

Massage Therapy

Our massage treatments are fantastic at helping to relax a dog during grooming or relieve stress while being boarded.
Stress Reduction Massage $15.00 — Full body deep Tissue Massage $25.00 - $50.00

Pampering Packages and Treats

Dirty Dog Package $30.00 - $75.00
Dead Sea Mud bath with whirlpool treatment

Royal Treatment Package $30.00
Deep Conditioning, Blueberry Facial, Pawdicure and Teeth Brushing

Pampered Pooch Package $35.00
Stress reduction massage with whirlpool
1/2 Day Daycare $14.00
Add some fun play to your dog's day

Frosty Paws Treat $5.00
1/2 dozen Muddy Mutts Cookies $2.75
(have one or two here & take the rest home)

Stuffed Kong Treat $5.00
Muddy Mutts Cookies $.50 each
Cat — Pet Spa & Resort in Bloomington, IL

Cat Grooming

Our stylists understand that dog and cat grooming differs greatly. Our feline friends need to be treated with great respect and patience. Cat styling does not need to be just "shaving". Depending on the condition of your cat's coat and their attitude, we can brush out, scissor trim, style or provide maintenance grooms for them. Cat grooming starts at $50.00.
No Sedation Used